Luminous MU S17
X100 Low Online:
Server Statistics 235
X800 High Online:
Server Statistics 59

Information About Castle Siege & Server Statistics

Luminous MU is born out of passion, dedication and love for the game. A lot of time and countless efforts were put to this server to make sure that we bring out the best. With our many years of experience in the fields of gaming and MU Online, we will deliver you the high quality game server you were looking for.

We highly value the opinion and suggestions of our players. And we also care a lot about the quality of the server. For these reasons, we would be very grateful if you could share your opinion about the server. We will be happy to know what you like, what you do not like and, accordingly, if you find any issues, please let us know. We will do our best to take care of them in the fastest way!

If you like everything we have done and you are willing to help us in the development of the server - we will be very grateful! You can help us by inviting your friends to play with you on the server or by sending the Luminous MU link to different MU related groups and pages. Thank you in advance!


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