Luminous MU S17
X100 Low Online:
Server Statistics 235
X800 High Online:
Server Statistics 59

Server X800 is Online

Server Settings

- Version: Season 17
- Experience: 800x ~ 400x
- Master Experience: 800x
- Maximum Level: 400
- Maximum Master Level: 1000
- Points per Level: Standard - 5/7
- Maximum Connections per 1 IP: 4


🎁 Starting Bonus for Beginners

- Exp and Damage Buffs
- Pets and Rings
- Bound Set Items
- Mini Wings
- Starter Pentagram



- Achievements [Hot]
- Item Market
- Character Market
- Donation Freebies
- Gift Codes
- New Bosses
- New Invasions
- New upgraded Blood Castle
- Offattack (Offlevel) System
- Offstore (Offtrade) System
- Anti-Lag activate with button F9


Reset and Grand Reset System Information

Level to Reset: 400
Zen to Reset: 2kk * resets
Resets required to Grand Reset: 50
Stats after Reset: Burn
Stats after Reset: 500 Free Points * resets
Stats after Grand Reset: Burn + 4000 Free Points * grand resets
Max Resets: 50, Max Grand Resets: 5
Total Stats with Max Resets, Grand Resets: 45'000 Points (Pvp Build)

Grand ResetExperienceReward WCoins [Reset]Reward WCoins [Grand Reset]Reward RUUD [Grand Reset]Reward ITEM [Grand Reset]Reward BUFF
190%15100020000Exc Ring + 3 optionsDMG, DEF, HP +5%
280%20150040000Exc Ring + 4 optionsDMG, DEF, HP +10%
370%25200060000Exc Pendant + 5 optionsDMG, DEF, HP +15%
460%30250080000Seal of Ghost HorseDMG, DEF, HP +20%
550%353000100000Seal of Ice DragonDMG, DEF, HP +25%



Although we offer a quality and well-tuned server, for us the opinion of the players is extremely important. That's why we are open to any suggestions that you think would make the game and the server more interesting and exciting. We look forward to receiving your feedback and ratings! We are not here for a day or two, we are here to write history together! You can contact us: HERE


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